Equipment Services

Lopefra Corp. provides residential and commercial heavy equipment rental services. Our Equipment Services include the rental of the equipment of your choice, and an experienced and OSHA certified operator. Our wide selection of equipment includes:


Available with your choice of bucket size 12", 16" or 24"

This machine is great for:

  • Spreading & moving material
  • Loading material
  • Excavating


Available with Grapple or Hammer

This machine is great for:

  • Spreading & moving material

Mini Excavator

We offer two versions of this machine

  • 4'2 wide
  • 5' wide

This machine is great for:

  • Excavating


Our KMat − PC200 with a 24" bucket is great for large excavations. Also available with grapple.


Our Bulldozers are a great selection for spreading and leveling materials, we offer

  • 450 with 7' 4'' blade
  • D-41 with 11' blade


Loaders are a great choices for loading and carrying up to 5 cubic yards of materials.

  • Spreading & moving material
  • Loading material
  • Excavating


Our rollers are great for compacting. We offer two types:

  • 3.5′ roller, which produces 3 to 7 tons of pressure
  • 7′ roller, which produces 20 tons of pressure

Lopefra Corp. promotes and encourages "Smart Digging." We recommend that all our customers requesting a backhoe or excavator call "811" the number provided by Sunshine State One-Call of Florida, Inc. in order to determine the presence of underground facilities. By contacting "811" two (2) full business days prior to digging, our customers can reduce the risk of damage to underground utilities and potential problems with service, contamination or any other hidden issues. One easy call to 811 routes you to this FREE service! Once the lines are marked, Lopefra can commence our job and dig safely! Please click here to visit the SSOCOF homepage.

Lopefra Corp. is an environmentally conscious corporation and active member of the US Green Building Council. Also available for your construction needs are rental of the following equipment with operators:

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